Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tonight we are having falafel, fattoush, vegetable pot pie(made with puff pastry), and spinach artichoke dip w pita chips. I will give you my fattoush recipe and maybe later I will post my spinach artichoke dip recipe. Pictures should be on their way later tonight or tomorrow.

Fattoush (Lebanese Bread Salad)

2 stale pitas
2 tsps olive oil

split pitas in half and brush with olive oil. Broil these 6 inches from the heat for 1 or 2 minutes. Take care not to burn, set aside to cool.

2-4 Tbsps olive oil
juice of one lemon
2 tsps of sumac berries(crushed)
salt and pepper to taste

4 cups romaine lettuce torn
2 small tomatoes chopped
1 small red or mild onion (diced)
1 small cucumber(peeled, seeded, and chopped)
2 stalks of celery(chopped)
1 red pepper(chopped)
2 Tbsp of mint
1/4 cup chopped cilantro

Mix together salad ingredients. In a separate bowl mix dressing ingredients (mix well with a whisk). Add dressing ingredients into the salad ingredients and toss well to coat the salad ingredients. Put in the refrigerator until time to serve. Just before serving break up pitas into smaller pieces and mix into the salad.


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